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Fly Fishing in beautiful Argentina
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LAKE HESSE – Located some 50km from Bariloche, Lake Hesse is a translucent blue green and is surrounded by fly-rich rush bordered banks. The lake hosts browns, rainbows and brook trout to 5lbs, which are mainly caught using small dry flies.Lakes Hesse and Fonk are excellent places to fish from a belly boat.

LAKE FONK – Just 10km further into the bush from Lake Hesse, Fonk is inaccessible for large parts of the year due to the rough approach. The fish grow up to 5lbs with some monsters lurking in the deeps. This is the one place where we are able to set up camp and offer you the opportunity to sleep beneath the stars.

RIVER FREY – As wide as the Thames at Westminster, this river is truly inspirational. It is gin clear, hemmed in on both sides by dense deciduous forest and is one of the most productive trout rivers in Patagonia. You will catch between 10 and 20 trout a day, weighing up to 6lbs. You will also likely see an array of eagles and a condor or two.

LAKE KRUGER – This huge lake is fishable across its entirety, offering trout up to 10lbs. It is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and sits in the middle of Los Alerces National Park. It was also around here that Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid holed up during their Latin American vacations.

RIVER LIMAY – The name of the river, translated from the local Indian dialect meaning “place of clear waters,” gets hearts racing whenever mentioned in fishing circles throughout Argentina. It is a large, powerful beast that must be tackled with both care and skill. If you succeed in tempting a fish from its mercurial waters you will be assured a trophy. Brown trout of up to 16kg are caught here every season.

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