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Fly Fishing in beautiful Argentina
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Sample itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Bariloche, northern Patagonia. You will be collected by Nico and his team of guides and transported to Lake Hesse.

Night 1 Stay at Lodge Hesse, located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park and on the banks of the River Manso.

Day 2 Fish Lake Fonk. Condor, wild boar and red deer are plentiful here, as are trout weighing as much as 5lbs.

Night 2 Camp by the side of Lake Fonk in expedition tents. Share stories of monster fish and learn about the local flora, fauna and Indian tribes from your guide Nico.

Day 3 Fish Lake Hesse and the tumbling River Manso

Night 3 Travel 3 hours by 4x4 to the remote  Los Alerces National Park. Here you will be met by Alejandro, the owner of Kruger Lodge. He will then take you by boat to the lodge where you will spend the night.

Day 4/5/6/7 Fish numerous lakes and rivers around the lodge, all of which are gin-clear and hold numerous species of fish, ranging from trout to land-locked salmon and perch!

Nights 4/5/6/7 Stay at Kruger Lodge

Night 8 Transfer back to Bariloche and stay in hotel

Day 9 Fish the River Limay and try to tempt one of its monster residents! Here wild browns and rainbows grow to record breaking proportions. Fish of over 10lbs are caught weekly.

Day 10 Float the Limay in a specially designed skiff or fish the ruggedly landscaped Pichi Leufu.

Contact Us

Your trip

You are expected to organise your own flights to Argentina though we will of course advise you. Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, we will provide all air, land and water transport, accommodation, food and drink. We will also provide accredited multi-lingual fishing guides to accompany you and your companions on a unique wilderness adventure.

We provide a guide for every pair of rods and their knowledge of the rivers and lakes is second to none. If the fish are less than turbo-charged in one area, then we will take you elsewhere, ensuring you get the very most from each day.

Our lodges are truly stunning, located in areas accessible only by fire-trail or boat. No detail escapes your hosts and the food is of a high standard. The bedrooms are comfortable and the communal areas provide the perfect setting for those tales about "the ones that got away."

For non-fishers, we offer numerous activities that help you get into the Argentine swing of things. Other activities include horse-riding, guided walking tours and numerous water-based activities.

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